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3 – 5 December 2020


marinaforum Regensburg

Congress Chairmen

Peter Angele,
Philipp Niemeyer,
Tim Spalding &
Peter Verdonk

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The question of clinical and scientific evidence is a topic that is increasingly gaining importance in operative medicine from various aspects. As surgeons and scientists, we question our daily actions and strategies and compare them with other methods in order to participate in the further development and improvement of therapeutic concepts. On the other hand, our treatments are increasingly being questioned by patients and payers, who also demand proof of scientific evidence as the basis for their decision and also for the acceptance of therapies in the reimbursement systems.

We would like to take account of this aspect and this development on 4 and 5 December in Regensburg with a new and innovative congress entitled “Evidence in Knee Surgery” and in the first year of the event focus on the “cartilage repair” topic. This also represents a very well-suited subject area – also due to the regulatory requirements and the problems of reimbursement – in order to discuss the topic of evidence and to draw common insights and conclusions.

The cross-border relevance of the topic we would like to take into account through the international design of the congress and discuss specifically differences between different countries and their relevance to the clinic. Here not only clinically active colleagues, but also scientists, industrial workers and politicians with involvement in the reimbursement of therapies are invited as speakers, since all aspects and perspectives should be taken into account.

In addition to the classic lectures, the congress will be supplemented by an interactive workshop and a discussion forum on 4 topic blocks aimed at working towards a consensus and summarizing statements of the participants and experts. In this way a practical utility value is to be achieved through direct discussion, which extends beyond the duration of the congress by publication of the consensus states.

We would be very happy if you’ll come to Regensburg on 4 and 5 December 2020 to discuss with us.

Peter Angele, Philipp Niemeyer, Tim Spalding & Peter Verdonk

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